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Integration experience

Participated in several engagements that needed B2B/B2C/EDI integration.

Bank integration - exposing PSD2 directive banking services to third parties (OAUTH2.0)

Large ecommerce portal - integrated hundreds of clients in order to process XML transactions using WebMethods (B2B), Ariba, XML/XSLT, Rosettanet, OAG, XML messaging, SOAP.

Health System Integration - developed and tested an integration tool that allows different systems (e.g. laboratory systems and transmissible disease control application) to communicate secure health information using HL7/XML.

Client Integration - Coordinated the B2B integration process of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with large external clients (mainly banks and retail chains). Installed, configured and administered EDI tools from Sterling Commerce to support various transactions (810, 812, 820, 824, 850, 860, 865 and 997).

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