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Our consulting practice has great amount of expertise in Microsoft technologies using Visual Interdev, ASP, COM/DCOM, C++, .Net, SQL server, XML, SOAP.

We have successfully implemented large scale applications for large companies and also for medium and small application using these technologies.

References are available upon requests.


Some of our completed projects:

  • Large mobile eDocs Flow with tens of thousands of users- for an insurance company that had 4-lingual online library, collaboration, multimedia library, search, personalization,flows, esignature, advice, integration into CRM etc.
    Technologies: iOS native app, .NET backend on Azure, SQL Server, OATH20, CRM
  • Large Intranet Portal with tens of thousands of users- for a telecom company that had bi-lingual online content management tools, collaboration, multimedia library, search, personalization etc.
    Technologies: Microsoft IIS, ASP, VB DLL, SQL Server, encryption
  • Discussion Groups Online product for community portals with complete functionality as search, full-thread viewing, collapsing, administration tools etc. Has over 1 million page views per month .
    Technologies: Microsoft IIS, ASP, VB DLL, SQL Server, encryption
  • Electronic Monitor System for Transformers was using communication (FTP, USB/ActiveSync) with a transformer's data acquisition portable unit in order to create reports and graphical data to be used by clients. Software is distributed with the hardware as a complete solution.
    Technologies: Microsoft VB, Access, Excel VBA, ActiveSync/USB/RAPI, GUI development



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