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We specialize in complex custom IT related projects and the business executing them.

Our expertise benefits our clients so they can avoid potential costly mistakes as well as allowing them to leapfrog the competition.

  • Quick understanding of your business needs
  • Translate business needs into requirements/stories that can be used to plan and develop the code
  • Recommend proper architecture based on your needs and budget
  • Industry scan/compare for existing solutions and products
  • Excellent knowledge of software engineering processes
  • Ability to represent your company in the front of your clients
  • Ability to represent a solution in the front of your management and decision group
  • Ability to do architecture design or review existing ones and make recommendations
  • Experience across multiple industries that can help you make appropriate decisions
  • Extensive "hard-core" software development of large, medium and small systems
  • Hand-on experience with new technologies - mobile, Blockchain, non-SQL DB etc.
  • Experienced in exposig REST API for your existing legacy systems
  • Experienced in integration projects with your existing legacy systems

Below is a hight level diagram with IT areas that we were exposed in previous engagements:

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