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Microsoft XML and SOAP

Seminar Title: The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) improves Internet interoperability with an XML-based, platform-agnostic approach to programming the Web.

Featured Guests:

  • K. Sharkey, Technical Evangelist, Developer Relations Group, Microsoft USA is presenting SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). Click here to download the PDF presentation.
  • P. Boutquin,  software book author will present an introduction to XML.

About seminar:

Seminar type: New technology.

"What is SOAP? The SOAP specification defines a simple, Internet-friendly way of using XML to send messages and to access services. SOAP is important to e-business because it provides a flexible, natural way of building applications whose pieces are distributed across networks. With XML and SOAP, each business can choose its own internal implementation technology, such as Enterprise JavaBeans, Microsoft Component Object Model (COM), or traditional languages such as COBOL. Yet any business can access a service, such as a parts catalog, or send a purchase order to or from any other business. When you implement these services, SOAP makes it easy to bind to the programming language or object system of your choice. SOAP's built-in support for Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) also makes it easy to invoke methods on remote objects, using XML and HTTP, so you can use SOAP to create distributed systems within your own organization too. SOAP is simple. The specification is short and easy to understand. Best of all, it takes only a few lines of code to build real SOAP messages that do useful work. "

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