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IT Architecture Course

Course Title:
Lesson Learned in Software Architecture

Course type: Lesson Learned


Course 1    
Software Architecture - Introduction  
Definition Software Architecture
Software Architecture in practice
Basic concepts - Software Architecture  
Roles of Software Architect  
Skills and Background for the Architect
Structuring the Architecture Team
Course 2    
Software Architecture and Development Process
Overview Iterative Development  
Overall Process Stages  
Lifecycles Stages  
Course 3    
Requirements Management  
Use Cases  
Requirements that Impact Architecture
Tracing/Versioning Requirements
Course 4    
Effective Technical Meetings  
Informal Technical Meetings
Design Review Meetings  
Management Meetings  
Vendor Presentation  
Problems that can occur in Software Architecture Process Activities
Course 5    
UML Quick Tour  
Class Diagrams  
Interaction Diagrams  
Course 6 UML Quick Tour (continuation)
State Diagrams  
Deployment Diagrams  
Course 7    
System Context and Domain Analysis  
Context View  
Analysis Overall View  
Course 8    
Component Design and Modeling  
Component Based Development
Communication and Interfaces
  Components Communication
  Component Interfaces
  Message Based Component Modeling
  Mixing Communication
Course 9    
Subsystem Design  
Modeling Subsystems,   
Course 10    
Transactions Design  
Transaction Concepts  
Transaction Design  
Course 11    
Data Design    
Logical Data Architecture
Data Model Design  
Course 12    
Process and Deployment Design  
Physical Data  
Course 13    
Mid Term Test  
Course 14    
Startup and shut down  
Failure and Disaster recovery
Load Balancing  
Course 15    
Architecture Techniques  
Interface Development  
Course 16    
Architecture Techniques (continuation)  
Architecture Evaluation  
Software Partitioning Strategies
Software Changeability and Dependency Management
Course 17    
Scope Definition and Estimation  
Defining Scope   
Basics of Estimating  
Course 18    
Functional Testing Guidelines   
Testing Assumptions   
Testing Coverage   
Test Case Coding   
Testing Best Practices  
Course 19    
Performance Tuning and Load Testing  
Measuring Performance  
Memory Leaks Defined   
Testing for Memory Leaks
Diagnosing Performance Problems
Course 20    
Postimplementation Activities   
Application-Monitoring Guidelines
Bug-Fighting Guidelines  
Top Refactoring Indicators
Common Refactoring Techniques
Course 21    
Documenting Architecture  
Course 22    
Final Exam    
Course 23    
Review Material and Samples  
Course 24    
Exam results     
Review Material and conclusions  


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