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About Seminars

Mondo Technologies has been involved in several IT seminar activities on different technology topics. We also participate in many seminars hosted in Switzerland and international area. (e.g. "Outthink the competition" hosted by Matracon AG with US Guest Speaker Kaihan Krippendorff, IBM Lab Zurich etc.)

We make our seminar very interactive, they are full of energy and knowledge, they are pure technology exchange forums. We also invite guest speakers that have excellent experience in the presented field to empower even more our audience.

In order to proof the use of a particular technology we have our team members present "lesson learned" section that is driven by our own experience in that particular topic. (We hosted 3 months training in an International University on these topics)

Contact Mondo Technologies to help your organization keep up with technology changes that are crucial to the progress of your company.

An interesting set of seminars and meetings ("Venture Apéros") are runned in whole Switzerland by IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen


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