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Our company technical team have been involved in large scale logistics projects.  

Our client was considered the first same day courier e-aggregator and application service provider (ASP) to leverage the power of the Internet and B2B to automate the same day delivery service and payment process driven by recurring billing for all types of organizations, from very large to small ones.

We were able to deliver a large and solid system that was able:

  • nTo provide unique web interface for small and large organization that needed same-day logistics services.
  • To allow shipper to choose provider and service level based on a price matrix (prices were dependent on service level, from and to destination, package properties and any other pricing components, plus other preferred contractual agreements)
  • To inform shipper and receiver with package status updates.
  • To aggregate billing one invoice per shipper for multiple shipments with various delivery partners and one payment to a delivery partner based on several shipments made by various shippers.
  • To create a generic design for data to represent geographic relationships and associated pricing data that required no special cases to be hard coded and that could be easily extended or modified to handle new service types and couriers;
  • To create a generic engine to process the data;
  • To find fast algorithms for traversing the graph/tree such that a price could be calculated for a given situation in under a second

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