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"MondoWeb" - ONLINE WEB BUILDER  -  contact us for more information

The Concept:

Very simple to use online software package that can be manipulated by “regular” Internet users (i.e. non professional IT), that can be learned fast and easy, and does „out of the box“ about 80% of regular web needs of a company (group, person).

In less then 20min to learn basic editorial usage.

The product is acompanied by extensive documentation.

Value for user:

  • Fast and clear content and functionality available to end user


  • Clear menu hierarchy
  • Efficient Navigation
  • Menu entries mutually exclusive
  • Clear message where the user is (birdseed)
  • Ability to link and find again same page


  • Consitent readable fonts and matching graphics
  • Easy and understandable language(+correct spelling)
  • Fast and clear content
  • Simple text formatting
  • Good usage of page layout


  • Overall good performance (see statistics)
  • Good usage of resources (picture sizes etc.)

User Types

Administrator (one  or many account )

  • Full control over all config. files and content
  • Manage Editors, Registered Users accounts
  • Can do what Editor, Register User do

Editors (one or many accounts)

  • Edit Page Body Content

Registered User (one/many accounts)

  • Access Registered User content

Public User

  • View Public Pages

Common Problems in other packages:

  • Too complex to be used by non professional developers
  • Needs professional help to be setup
  • These packages do way to much a regular user needs
  • High learning curve
  • Too much previous knowledge assumed for the administrator
  • Difficult to debug
  • Many needs local software installation
  • Prohibitive costs
  • Special hosting and software setup
  • Non consistent view of each page
  • Potential complicated navigation for end user


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