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IT Architecture Expertise

Responsible for Application Architecture and Infrastructure Architecture in several projects in different industries.

  • Responsible for logical and physical architecture of a major mobile portal for a large European telecom company - migrating existing payment solution to Vodafone ER solution, integration of 3PI (third party integration) services (Sony Network, TV Streaming, Radio, External Email etc.). Coordinated technical activities of several team located in several countries in Europe. Created strong technical liaison with other European operators. Coordinated technical support with Vodafone Global in USA.
  • Responsible for the technical input into the business case for the first SOA based pilot-project that had to conform to technical modernization requirements (elimination of legacy mainframe system 3M lines of code and replacement with a SOA based system). The project involved examination of build vs. buy or a combination of both in designing the technology and application architecture to meet current and future business needs.
  • Participated in several technical meetings and demos with subject matter experts (Forester Research, FileNet, Remedy, IBM, Hummingbird, and OpenText) in order to understand their products and functionality, learned about existing deployments and solutions of similar scale in other industries (insurance, mortgage etc.), participated in several product demos and case studies.
  • Responsible for technical architecture using Zachman Framework of health system implementation including objectives, area of interest, business location, business logistics system, distributed architecture, technology model – system architecture, hardware components, server’s software components, solution benefits.
  • Responsible for J2EE/Struts/Hibernate technical architecture of Transmissible Disease Tracking System that allows all health units to exchange securely health records/documents, to report transmissible diseases, to run all kind of electronic investigations and data manipulation/reporting.
  • Prepared overall architecture plans, blue prints, supported the preparation of accurate business plans, validated technical specifications with the vendor involvement, assisted procurement in getting the right pieces of information, audited received hardware/software.
  • Created Application Architecture Design Document based on Zachman Framework - ARC Checkpoint 2 and 3 -  (Logical Application Architecture, Logical Application Deployment Model, Role/Process Cross Reference, Functional & Non-functional Requirements, Infrastructure Component Placement Diagram, Infrastructure Pattern Match, Logical Security Architecture Diagram, Logical Threat Risk Assessment, Privacy Risk Analysis Report)
  • Responsible for PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) and TRA (Threat Risk Assessment) for medium health sensitivity web based file submission interface.
  • Taught 2 month courses in Asia on Software Architecture - from a practical point of view, real life experience, tools, and best practices (Methodologies: RUP, Extreme Programming).


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