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Enterprise Architecture

Our team of consultants works closely with our clients to investigate and prove how they can move from evaluating business process transformation to realizing business value through process improvements, cost reduction and revenue growth.

We are using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), a set of principles and guidelines based on standards-based technologies, that are used to plan the enterprise architectures, the design, development, and integration of enterprise software.

All common business operations across the enterprise and trusted partners will be exposed as services that are consumed by other systems and easily ca be integrated into new systems.

This way proprietary protocols, data formats, and programming interfaces, and components running on heterogeneous platforms will be able to integrate with one another.

We help companies to identify and partition common business functionality into discrete, reusable components.

Main benefits:

  • Flexible and responsive IT infrastructure
  • Easier roll out of new applications 
  • Cost reduction for IT integration

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