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----Custom Development ----

Mondo Custom Development solution is available as a combination of “on-shore” and “near-shore” solution.

A typical Custom Development engagement at Mondo Technologies will involve the following:

  • Onsite team that will gather proper requirements and understand clients needs.
  • Proper Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and agreements has to be signed.
  • An offsite team (onshore or near shore) that will develop a custom turn-key solution to meet the client's requirements
  • Offsite and onsite team that work together via collaboration tools
  • Project development is managed by Mondo Technologies in connection with client (or by client if is requested).

Our near-shore development center consists of a dedicated group of software professionals who form the client's team possible extension.
We have established this business partnerships due to a number of factors:

- outstanding software quality of work provided by these IT professionals at better rates at relatively short distance (few hours by plane);
- large pool of highly skilled IT professionals in those places and booming IT related business opportunities;
- worldwide recognition of high level education in mathematics and programming;
- widespread knowledge of English, German and French;

Rapidly increasing cost of software development in the world is forcing companies to search for new places and people who can provide the required services with relatively low cost and produce better quality. Near shore development is one of the solutions to meet the budget, expertise, resources and time constraints and have great quality delivered.
Upon establishing the physical team that will implement a solution, we will ensure Security and Confidentiality are strictly enforced, that a clear communication protocol is established to link various departments and that the appropriate resources are combined with the best skills available.

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